Hennepin County Attorney's Office History

Floyd B. Olson

Hennepin County Attorney 1920-1931

Born in Minneapolis Floyd Olson became Hennepin County Attorney  in 1920, and a major plank in his platform was to fight corruption in business, politics and elsewhere in the county. 

Olson made a name for himself after prosecuting a case against the Ku Klux Klan.   He later became Governor of the state of Minnesota, in 1931, but died just five years later of stomach cancer at the age of 44. 

Ed J. Goff

Hennepin County Attorney 1931-1943

Ed Goff, born in Janesville in 1882, became Hennepin County Attorney in 1921.

Michael J. Dillon

Hennepin County Attorney 1943-1955

Michael Dillon became the Hennepin County Attorney in 1943, and while in office earned the Good Government Award from the Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce.  After leaving the County Attorney's Office, Dillon was appointed to the Hennepin County District Court.

George M. Scott

Hennepin County Attorney 1955 - 1973

George Scott was not a native Minnesotan, but instead born in New Jersey.  He fought in the D-Day invasion and was County Attorney for almost twenty years (1955-1973).  Later he served as an Associate Justice until 1987. 


Gary W. Flakne

Hennepin County Attorney 1973-1979

Gary Flakne served six consectutive terms in the State House before being appointed Hennepin County Attorney.  

In 1979 he returned to private practice.

 Thomas Johnson

Hennepin County Attorney 1979-1990

Thomas Johnson was the Hennepin County Attorney  after serving as an Alderman for the City of  Minneapolis. Johnson received the President's Award from the National District Attorney’s Association and the Professional Excellence Award from the Minnesota State Bar Association.