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Case Information

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office does its best to provide updates to the community focusing on cases that are high profile cases or have generated community interest.  

High Profile Cases

Official statements regarding cases of public interest:

Community Prosecution Case Information

Community Prosecution is based on a closer working relationship between prosecutors and the local neighborhoods and communities where crime is occurring.

Their online maps provide additional information on selected felony cases involving drug and property offenses.  Community members can also submit inmpact statements for a specific case or general comments about crime in your community.


If you cannot find information about a specific case, you can use the public version of Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS), Minnesota Trial Court Public Access Remote.  This online database contains records for criminal and civil cases for all of Minnesota, including the Fourth District Court in Hennepin County.  You can search by defendant name, case number, attorney or citation.  

If you have questions about court records in Hennepin County, consult the Fourth District Criminal Court's FAQs.


Information about the adult restitution process is available online.  Contact 612-348-3845 for questions about the juvenile restitution process or your specific case in the juvenile system.

If you have specific questions about the dispositions in these cases, contact Ashley Schweitzer in Community Relations at 612-543-1456 or ashley.schweitzer@co.hennepin.mn.us.