Child Support Division

The Child Support Division of the County Attorney’s Office acts as legal counsel and advisor to our client, Hennepin County Support and Collections. This Division's mission is to represent the State of Minnesota and Hennepin County in actions establishing early determination of parentage as well as the establishment and enforcement of child support orders.

Effective January 1, 2007, the laws relating to child support (as well as medical support and day care support) were radically changed. This change in the law involved years of planning and intensive training for the attorneys, child support officers, and other staff. The new law embodies an “income shares model” for establishing child support which means that we now look at both parties’ incomes in determining child support. The process is more complicated but the goal is to increase fairness.

Child Support attorneys handle paternity cases which link fathers with their children creating the legal obligation of support. Another type of hearing handled is civil contempt for nonpayment of child support.

Through aggressive advocacy, this Division promotes economic security for children, strengthens family bonds and ensures that the obligation for support of children falls where it rightfully belongs - on their parents.

Managing Attorney Julie Harris
Managing Attorney
Julie Harris


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