Special Litigation Division

Criminal Appeals

The Appellate Section handles all criminal appeals, ranging from murder cases to lower level offenses, where a person convicted of a crime requests an appellate court review the conviction. Each case involves preparing a legal brief and many cases involve oral argument before the appellate courts of Minnesota and the federal courts.

The Appellate Section also handles pre-trial appeals and advises attorneys from other divisions on legal matters that may arise in the course of a trial.

Complex Crime Prosecution

The Complex Crime Section prosecutes economic offenses which are particularly serious because of the amount of financial loss or are particularly complicated. Many of these cases involve mortgage fraud, employee theft, identity theft, vulnerable adult victims and other economic crimes.

Gang Team

The Gang Team charges all adult and certain juvenile violent crimes involving gang members and presents appropriate cases to the Grand Jury.

Police/Lawyer Training

Training of Hennepin County Attorney legal staff and Hennepin County law enforcement officers is handled by the Special Litigation Division. Several staff members are recognized as skilled trainers throughout Minnesota and the nation.

Managing Attorney Al Harris
Managing Attorney
Al Harris