Hennepin County will accept same-sex marriage applications on June 6


Today Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Registrar Mark Chapin and County Commissioners Peter McLaughlin, Gail Dorfman and Linda Higgins announced that same-sex marriage license applications will be available starting June 6.

“Many same-sex couples have waited a long time to get married and we want to ensure that, if they so choose, they can get married at 12:01 am on August 1st," Freeman said. "I want to thank the staff at Hennepin County for their work to make this happen."

In anticipation of the Freedom to Marry law taking effect Aug. 1, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office worked with the County Board and Registrar to update process to apply for marriage in the county. There had been some question as to whether the required five-day waiting period had to start on Aug. 1 so that the first same sex marriages could not happen until Aug. 6.

An assistant county attorney reviewed the new law and other state statutes regarding marriage and determined that accepting applications before Aug. 1, is permissible. The same-sex marriage licenses will not be valid until Aug. 1, the effective date of the new law, but permitting applications to be made in advance allows the county to process the anticipated volume of applications in a timely manner.

Read the Hennepin County News Release and the Frequently Asked Questions about same-sex marriage licenses (PDF).