Richfield woman charged in stabbing death of husband


A Richfield woman was charged with second-degree intentional murder in the stabbing death of her husband, Hennepin County Mike Freeman announced Wednesday.

Amreya Rahmeto Shefa, 40, was charged in the Sunday morning stabbing of Habibi Tesema, 48, in their Richfield home.

According to the criminal complaint (PDF), Richfield police arrived at the house after a call about an assault with a knife. The officers were speaking to two witnesses, but were having difficulty because of a language barrier and the hysteria of one witness. Another woman, Shefa, came out of the house with blood on her hands and arms. She also was yelling in another language although eventually the officers learned that two children and a man might still be in the house.

Officers went into the house and coaxed a two-year-old boy and three-year-old girl out of a bedroom. They then heard water running in the bathroom, kicked down the door and found the water running in the tub, which contained Tesema and two knives, according to the complaint.

Under questioning, Shefa initially said she stabbed her husband accidentally during a struggle with the knife. After it was pointed out that Tesema had approximately 30 cuts or stab wounds, she admitted they fought, she stabbed him once in the chest and he took the knife from her. She then picked up another knife and stabbed him in the back, the complaint states.

Shefa, who is from Ethiopia, was scheduled to make her first appearance today. A Child in need of Protection or Services petition was filed in juvenile court today on behalf of the two children.