Two juveniles, adult charged in series of robberies in Edina and Minneapolis


The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office has charged two juveniles in a series of robberies in Minneapolis and Edina. An adult also was charged in one of the robberies, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Antonio Deshawn Timberlake, 16, of Minneapolis and a 13-year-old Minneapolis boy were each charged with numerous counts of aggravated robbery and assault.

"This kind of conduct is just not acceptable," Freeman told a news conference. "I think the Edina police have done a nice job with help from our friends in Minneapolis to bring these three people to us. This appeared to be a robbery spree that wouldn't end until they were apprehended and they were."

The robbery spree began very late on March 16 at the border of Minneapolis and Edina. An Edina man got off the Metro Transit bus just before midnight at Xerxes Avenue and 56th Street and began walking west on 56th Street. Timberlake and the 13-year-old got off the bus at the same stop and followed the victim, eventually catching up to him and then beat him, according to the juvenile petition filed against Timberlake. They took his satchel, which included an initialed pocket knife of his grandfather’s and the victim’s cell phone.

The victim walked to his mother’s home and she drove him to Fairview Southdale Hospital where doctors said his life-threatening injuries included a blow to the head and stabbing in the neck, striking an artery.

At about 11:50 p.m. on March 28, police went to the home of a man in the area of 5800 block of Sheridan Avenue. He was bleeding badly and began to have trouble breathing. Paramedics rushed him to Hennepin County Medical Center where doctors discovered his right lung had been punctured and informed the victim he could have died had he delayed any longer, according to the petition filed by the county attorney’s office.

The man told police that he got off the bus at 58th Street and Xerxes Avenue South and three others also got off. Two of them, Timberlake and the 13-year-old, rushed to catch up to him and one of them tripped the man. He scrambled to his feet and the two teenagers yelled at him and demanded his money. They then tackled him when they got to Vincent Avenue South and this time they punched and kicked him in the face and one of them stabbed him in the ribs. At that point, he let them take his backpack, the petition states.

On March 30, in the early evening, Timberlake, the 13-year-old and Navarr Jodiah Ross, 18, of Minneapolis, confronted three juveniles in the Southdale Mall parking lot in Edina. The 13-year-old tried to snatch a cell phone from one of the victims and they got into a struggle over it. Another of the victims went to help, but Timberlake cut him off and shoved him into a retaining wall. Timberlake then took that victim’s backpack and phone, according to the criminal complaint that charges Ross with three counts of first-degree robbery.

At the same time Ross pulled out a baton and threatened to break the third victim’s legs with it if he didn’t hand over his wallet and phone, which he did. Ross then went to where the 13-year-old was still struggling to get the phone and Ross threatened to use the baton on that victim unless he gave up, which he did. The three fled, but police saw them and arrested them in a residential area of Xerxes Avenue. During the search, police recovered from Timberlake’s back pocket the knife belonging to the March 16 victim, according to the complaint. After their arrests, Edina police obtained a search warrant for Timberlake’s house and recovered the Edina man’s satchel and several items inside.

Minneapolis authorities and members of the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office will attend a public meeting at 6:30 p.m. today to discuss crime and these robberies. The meeting will be at Armatage Community Center, 2500 57th St. W in Minneapolis.