Woman charged with intentionally running down friend


Angela Jackson turned herself in Sunday and made a first appearance where her bail was set at a minimum of $500,000 for seriously injuring a friend by running him down with her car.

"There is simply no excuse for it and we are taking it seriously," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said at a news conference Monday. "If he dies, we will have to contemplate going to the grand jury for first-degree murder with life in prison without parole."

According to the criminal complaint, on Aug. 15, Tarrince Winbush was at the bar with two friends when Jackson, 37, called one of the friends and was told to come join them. She did and brought along two girlfriends. Eventually, a dispute broke out about the bill and the group was told to leave the bar. Once outside, the fight continued. Jackson and her friends got in a car and Jackson, who was driving, tried to hit one of the men, but instead hit a parked car. She went around the block, checked the damage and then drove back down Lyndale Avenue and this time struck Winbush, who was walking with one of the other men, before fleeing and hiding the car.

Winbush remains in critical condition at Hennepin County Medical Center, the criminal complaint states. .

Because she tried to hide evidence, fled from the scene and recently had two bench warrants for misdemenors, prosecutors asked for bail of $1 million without conditions and $500,000 with conditions such as no contact with the Winbush or one of the witnesses during her first appearance Monday.

Despite her loud crying, Hennepin County District Court Judge William Koch agreed to the bail amount and her next court date is Sept. 23.

Jackson criminal complaint here.