Two videotaped beatings net 98 months in prison


Alan Derrell Gaines likes to star in cell phone videos. Two of those videos were of violent beatings and after prosecutors showed one in court Wednesday, a judge had no difficulty in sentencing Gaines to 98 months in prison.

Gaines, 21, of Minneapolis, was a defendant in two gang-related cases from November in which victims were beaten and robbed. An assistant Hennepin County attorney played the video of the Nov. 9th assault as the victim impact statement prior to the sentencing. At one point, the young man is lifted off of his feet and slammed to the concrete, banging his head.

On June 16, Gaines pled guilty to one count of aiding and abetting aggravated robbery in each of the two robberies. Hennepin County District Court Judge Dan Mabley sentenced him to 98 months on each count and ran them concurrently.

According to the criminal complaints and testimony in the guilty plea hearing, on Nov. 9, around 6 p.m., police received a request to check on an individual last seen at the 5100 block of Fremont Ave. North in Minneapolis. A witness told police he dropped his friend off at an ally near Fremont and Girard. The witness said he observed four or five black males running down the alley, so he tried to call his friend. At the same time, police received a report of a robbery that had occurred in the same area. When the officers found the friend of the witness, he was nauseated and bleeding from his head. The attackers took cash and the victim’s cell phone.

Nine days later, a woman was assaulted and robbed by a group of at least four young women. She had agreed to go to Albertville with a man she knew but was taken to an alley, again near 5100 block of Fremont Avenue. Attackers came up to the car and kicked, punched, and cut the victim with a scissors. They took her purse, boots and cell phone.

During the woman’s assault, Gaines and another male videotaped and encouraged the fight. The victim managed to move to the back of the car and lock the doors, but Gaines and others opened the doors and resumed the beating. The victim was taken to North Memorial Hospital where she was treated for injuries to her eyes, face and hand. 

The young woman victim knew several of her attackers, including Gaines. Police also saw a video of the attack posted on Facebook. Police were able to make several arrests and confiscate  Gaines’ phone, which  had two videos dated Nov. 9, 2013 at 5:40 p.m., and a second at 5:41 p.m. That was the attack of the young man in the same alley, which is within a block of where Gaines lives. During the video of the man being beaten and robbed, the attackers refer to “Nasty” and “Kickadoe.” They yelled at the victim and told him to “be smarter.”  Gaines is seen rifling through the defendants pants and taking the money.

Gaines is known as “Nasty.”  He is associated with the Kickadoe gang, which police learned through photographs of Gaines displaying gang signs. Those photographs were on a phone belonging to a woman involved in the Nov. 18 robbery.  

Johnny Jackson has pled guilty in the young woman’s beating, as has Kimber Washington and Edvonte Copeland. Charesha Jackson, Brianna Hunter and her sister Renicia Hunter face trial Oct. 6 in the woman’s beating. Washington was sentenced to 69 months in prison, but does not have to serve that if she commits no other crimes in the next five years. She is spending 365 days in the Hennepin County Workhouse. Copeland and Jackson are awaiting sentencing.