Airline stowaway making good progress


The boy who slipped onto an airline bound for Las Vegas last year is making steady progress, Hennepin County officials said at a hearing Friday.

Senior Hennepin County Attorney Cory Carlson told the court that the now 10-year-old boy has been doing well in the theraputic facility where he was placed upon his return in October and “is progressing steadily.” The boy’s mother and father also have been doing well in family therapy, supporting their son’s therapy and visiting him regularly, Carlson told the court.

The boy’s mother waived her right to a trial and instead admitted that the child is in need of protection or services to deal with his emotions and behavior.

Based on that admission, Hennepin County District Court Judge Joseph Klein found that the boy is a child in need of services and ordered the parents to continue cooperating with the therapy services. Judge Klein also authorized Hennepin County officials to request increased home visits by the boy and to allow a trial home visit or reunification before the next hearing if progress continues.

The next court hearing was set for March 19.