Woman sent to prison for smothering her infant son


On Tuesday, June 10th Ashleigh Jennifer Casey was sentenced in Hennepin County District Court to 84 months in prison. Casey had already pled guilty to second degree murder in the 2009 smothering death of her infant son.  The cause of death was initially undetermined but the case was reopened in 2013 when Casey attempted to smother a second child.  Casey also pleaded guilty to assaulting the second child and will serve a consecutive 10 years of probation on that charge following her prison sentence. 

The conditions of the 10-year probationary portion of Casey’s sentence were extensive. They include no contact with her living daughter or her home, current foster parents or future adoptive parents; no unsupervised contact with any minor or vulnerable adults and no job or volunteer activities where she could be in a caretaker role.  Casey was also ordered to continue receiving treatment for mental illness and to undergo another evaluation upon release from prison. At the prosecution request there will be mandatory annual reviews in front of the judge to ensure Casey is compliant with her treatment, medications as well as home visits to make sure she is complying with the other conditions. Should Casey violate any of the terms of her probation after her release, she will be sent back to prison for the remaining 86 months.

Casey also must pay restitution to her son’s father, which will be used to purchase a headstone for the child’s grave.

She has already given up her parental rights to her surviving child and voluntarily had her fallopian tubes tied.