Extra long sentence handed down in shotgun slaying


A man who was convicted of shooting a Minneapolis man in front of young children was sentenced to 216 months in prison, significantly higher than what the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines recommend, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Thursday.

Hubbard, 53, was sentenced Monday by Hennpin County District Court Judge Daniel Mabley in the shooting death of Jeremiah Curtis. When the jury convicted Hubbard of first degree manslaughter and second-degree assault last month, they also found an aggravating factor, that Hubbard killed Curtis in front of several children. That allowed the prosecutors to ask for a higher sentence.

The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines recommended an 86 months prison sentence for the manslaughter conviction. Instead, assistant Hennepin County Attorney Cheri Townsend asked for the maximum sentence allowed under the law of 180 months. Then she asked for 36 months for the assault charge and that it be served consecutively. Judge Mabley agreed and sentenced Hubbard to the 18 years.

On May 10, 2013, Hubbard sent a text message telling Curtis and his girlfriend and her four young children to move out of Hubbard’s north Minneapolis house. While the family was upstairs packing, Hubbard shouted for Curtis to take him to the pharmacy. Curtis refused. Hubbard came upstairs with a shotgun and fatally shot Curtis in the stomach. He then turned the gun on Curtis’ girlfriend and ordered her to tell police it was an accident before he fled.