Three indicted for first degree premeditated murder


Today Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced three first degree premeditated murder indictments in the brutal shooting death of Anthony Fairbanks.  The Grand Jury indicted Maureen Onyelobi, David Johnson and Maurice Wilson on Thursday. 

Onyelobi was previously charged with second degree murder in this case.

Freeman noted, "This appears to be another example of the extreme violence connected with heroin trafficking." 

According to the complaint, on March 8, 2014 Minneapolis Police officers responded to a shooting call at approximately 10:00 p.m. in the area of 28th and Longfellow Avenue South in Minneapolis.  They discovered a deceased man in the street with a gunshot wound to his head.

Officers spoke to the victim’s family and learned he had a cell phone conversation just prior to leaving his mother’s home and said he was coming alone. Officers obtained the victim’s cell phone records and determined he received a call at 9:51 p.m. from a person called “Black” who supplied the victim with heroin.  According to phone records, that number was in the vicinity of the murder at 9:59 p.m.

“Black” was positively identified as Onyelobi.  During an unrelated drug arrest on March 11 a cell phone with the same number was found in a hotel room she had rented. 

During the investigation, officers learned the victim had recently been indicted in a federal gun case along with the Onyelobi’s boyfriend. Jail calls from March 8 between Onyelobi and her boyfriend indicated that he was concerned about a male from the projects who might talk to police. The complaint notes that officers were aware that the victim lived in Little Earth.

A gun was found in a safe at a storage facility rented by Onyelobi. Forensic testing determined it was the weapon used in the shooting.  Video surveillance at the storage locker shows Onyelobi entering her unit at 8:14 p.m. on March 8 and returning at 10:38 p.m. Because the facility was closed for the night, she returned the next morning.  Onyelobi is also the registered owner of a van that matches the description of a vehicle seen leaving the scene of the crime and also on video surveillance at the storage locker. 

All three defendants are in custody, however Wilson is in North Dakota on federal drug charges and a warrant was issued for his arrest on the murder. The three are co-defendants, all charged with aiding and abetting each other with the murder.  Information about the role of Wilson and Johnson in this crime is not public at this time.

Freeman added, "We are grateful for the excellent investigation by the Minneapolis Police Department and the cooperation of the federal authorities in North Dakota."