Three charged in two gang-related downtown shootings


The victim of a mid-April shooting has been charged with the late April shooting near Hennepin County Medical Center and the two men who shot him also have been charged with attempted murder. All three are part of gang feud.

Kibbie Walker, 23, of Brooklyn Park was charged (PDF) with two counts of second-degree assault for shooting into a car with two women inside on April 30. One of the women suffered a leg wound.

Walker was shot in the chest and abdomen just before 3 a.m. on April 12 outside Target Field, where he had begun working. A co-worker was shot in the shoulder at the same time as the two men left their jobs at Target Field through the left field exit by the light rail line.

James Lamar Davis, also known as Javon Leroi Davis, 27, of Brooklyn Center was charged (PDF) with two counts of second-degree attempted murder for the benefit of a gang and Justin Maurice McGee, 30, Bloomington was charged (PDF) aiding and abetting two counts of second-degree attempted murder for the benefit of a gang.

"These shootings arise from on-going tragic violence between two street gangs," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman told a news conference Monday. "This is mindless street violence and it impacts not only the victims but innocent people around them."

According to the criminal complaints against Davis and McGee, Walker is a known member of the Taliban street gang and Davis and McGee are members of the 1 9s (pronounced one nines). Walker told police that he had taken part in a YouTube video which made fun of the November murder of Tyrone Washington, a well-known member of the 1 9s.

Walker told police that he and the other victim had just gotten off work and were leaving Target Field through the north gate when Walker saw three men in hoodies. He recognized one as McGee and the other as J Weezy, which is an alias for Davis. Walker saw McGee nod at Davis and the third man and Davis pulled out a gun and started shooting, the complaint states.

Minneapolis Police Deputy Chief Eddie Frizell told the news conference that police did everything by the numbers and the result was a "triple play" that put the three in jail.

"When key members of a gang are taken out of the mix, it does create disorganization," Frizell said. "But the tit for tat continues."

Recovering quickly from his wounds, Walker was discharged from the hospital the next day. Then, just before 1 p.m. April 30, he fired shots into a black Chevy Impala that was near Eighth Street and Chicago Avenue. The victim, who was in the passenger seat, went to Abbott-Northwestern Hospital where she was treated for the gunshot wound to the leg, according to the criminal complaint against Walker.

She told police that her friend was driving her to the Hennepin County Medical Center for a doctor’s appointment when she started hearing gunshots and felt a pain near her knee. Police inspected the car and found numerous bullet holes in the driver’s side, the roof and back window. Walker was arrested at a nearby store where he had fled.

Police recovered Walker’s gray sweatshirt and a gun that he discarded as he ran from the shooting. A fingerprint on the gun matched Walker’s fingerprints, according to the complaint.