Sex offender sentenced to life in prison for abusing woman with disability


Corey Gordon was sentenced to life in prison Friday, as requested by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office, for posing as a mentally-disabled woman’s personal care attendant and having sex with her at a rehab center.

Gordon, 43, will be eligible for parole after serving 30 years in prison in the sentence handed down by Hennepin County District Court Judge Elizabeth Cutter. She gave the lengthy sentence after a woman Gordon raped in 1990 flew in from Mississippi to testify. Then she listened to Gordon give his statement in which he said he made his victim happy and said the prosecution ambushed him by bringing in the rape victim whose version of what happened that night 24 years ago is different than his.

“I agree with Ms. Magnuson,” Cutter said, referring to the probation officer who wrote the pre-sentence investigation after interviewing Gordon. “I am astounded at your view of the world. No one deserves a life sentence more than you.”

Gordon was arrested and initially charged in June 2013 with third-degree criminal sexual conduct. He first met the then 31-year-old victim in October 2012 at the Mall of America. The woman was shopping with her mother, but was alone long enough for Gordon to talk to her, learn about her disability and exchange phone numbers. The woman has a rare brain disorder which leaves her with the reasoning and emotional abilities of a fourth-grader.

The family saw text messages on the woman’s phone from Gordon and told him to stay away. But in May 2013, when her mother was dropping her off for therapy at Courage Center, she was told her personal care attendant was waiting. The woman did not have one and her mother noticed Gordon and went to confront him but he quickly left.

Seven months ago, the county attorney’s office took the case to a Hennepin County Grand Jury, seeking an indictment that would allow a sentence of life in prison. That is a tactic the county attorney’s office is using more frequently for some of the most dangerous sex criminals.

After the Mississippi woman testified about the conviction of Gordon for her rape, the sister of the current victim read victim impact statements from her sister and their mother. The victim said Gordon should not be let out of prison and because of him she can no longer trust anyone, not even her family. The mother wrote that her daughter turned hostile toward her family while Gordon was abusing her and now has gained 30 pounds, has nightmares of being held hostage and her confusion and memory loss has worsened.