Alberto Palmer sentenced to life in first of serial murders

Monday, September 22, 2014

Alberto Palmer pled guilty to first-degree murder in the death of Klaressa Cook  in Brooklyn Park in January, 2013, after already pleading guilty in Anoka County in the murder of Brittany Clardy.

Hennepin County District Court Judge Daniel Moreno immediately sentenced Palmer, 25, to life in prison with parole.  Palmer will be sentenced soon for second-degree murder in the Anoka County case.

As part of his guilty plea, Palmer admitted that he had met the victim on and arranged to have sex with her.  Afterwards, he attempted to take back the money he had paid her.  During this altercation, Palmer repeatedly hit and pushed her head into a wall.  He admitted that he only stopped hitting her because he was tired.  He also admitted that he intended to kill her during the robbery.
During questioning from assistant Hennepin County Attorney Charles Weber, Palmer testified that he wrapped up the dead body, placed it in the trunk of the victim’s car and drove the vehicle to a nearby grocery store parking lot.  He abandoned the car there.

Marquita Clardy, the mother the other victim Brittany Clardy, delivered an impact statement before sentencing.

“Our children are not property to be bought, sold, abused and killed…she didn’t deserve to die like this, Marquita Clardy said. “She didn’t deserve to die at all.”

A victim impact statement by Cook’s aunt, Tabytha Byrd, was also read and included a poem written by Byrd called “Broken Women.”  Byrd also thanked everyone involved in the case for bringing justice and closure to the family.

Palmer apologized for the pain he caused the families and individuals involved.  In a monotone voice, he stated that this was the first time he had expressed his feelings about the murders and that he was truly sorry for his actions.

Judge Moreno imposed a life sentence. Under the law, Palmer is eligible for parole consideration after 30 years, minus 559 days credit for time already served.  It is expected that the life sentence for Clardy’s murder in Anoka County will be served consecutively, meaning Palmer will not be eligible for parole for nearly 60 years.