Brooklyn Park woman pleads guilty to making terroristic threats


A 49 -year-old Brooklyn Park woman pleaded guilty to making terroristic threats against a Muslim couple, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday. 

Nancy Kay Knoble, 49, pleaded guilty to threatening to commit a crime of violence with the purpose of terrorizing another. She will be sentenced on Feb. 18. The Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines call for three years’ probation and up to 60 days in the workhouse.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 22, a couple, had gone to pick up their son at a friend’s house in Brooklyn Park. They had driven around the neighborhood trying to locate the address. When they found the house, they called their son to let him know they were outside waiting for him.

Knoble approached the victims’ car and pounded on the passenger-side window where the wife was sitting. While Knoble was yelling at the couple and demanding to know what they were doing, the wife yelled to her husband that Knoble had some sort of gun. They observed a dark-colored rifle.

The couple told Knoble they were only there to pick up their son and pointed to the house. Knoble ordered the driver out of the car, pointed the rifle at his back and order him to go up to the house where he claimed to be getting his son. As they got to the door, the victim’s son came out of the house and asked what was going on.

Knoble now was holding the rifle behind her back. She asked the boy if he knew the victim and the boy confirmed it was his father. Knoble apologized and told the victim that it was only a pellet rifle

The victim and his family were very frightened by the incident and called the police to report it when they got back to their own home. Officers went to Knoble’s home and seized the pellet gun.

At the hearing Monday, Judge William Koch told Knoble that her actions showed reckless disregard for the victims and that if she was concerned, she could have called the police.

Knoble Criminal complaint