Minneapolis man charged with second-degree murder


A Minneapolis man has been charged with shooting and killing a man at a residence in the 3300 block of Logan Avenue N on the evening of November 28, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced today.

Everett Williams Jr., 26, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Robert Montrele Mathis, 29.

According to the criminal complaint, police officers were called to the residence and, upon arrival, found a hysterical woman attempting to assist Mathis who was pronounced dead at the scene with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.

Officers searched the house and found a .22 caliber sawed-off shotgun and shell casing in the kitchen. Another gun was found in the living room, hidden under a couch pillow. As the officers were clearing the house, they heard Williams yelling to his brother outside that he, Everett Williams, had shot Mathis in self-defense. The officers did not find a weapon on or near the body of Mathis.

Witnesses stated that the two men, who knew each other, were arguing prior to the shooting. Mathis was trying to leave Williams' house with a woman when the shooting occurred.
Williams was on probation from for second-degree assault, making him ineligible to possess a firearm.

Criminal complaint (PDF)