Michael Strouss pleads to 19 Bar shooting and unrelated stabbing


Devon Michael Glen Strouss pleaded guilty to three counts of second degree assault Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman announced today.

Strouss, 23, of Minneapolis, pled to two counts of assault with a deadly weapon for firing a gun at the 19 Bar in Loring Park and injuring two people on October 15th.  He also admitted to stabbing another victim on January 1st at a gas station in St Louis Park.  The two incidents are not related.  Strouss entered his plea late Friday and his sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 11.

“I know this case caused the Loring Park neighborhood a great deal of concern and I personally visited a business group there to answer their questions,” Freeman said. “Involved neighborhoods are vital in reducing crime and prosecuting those who commit crimes. We hope the neighbors are as pleased as we are with this relatively swift resolution and expected prison sentence.”

On October 15th, Strouss entered the 19 Bar with his dog.  He was already intoxicated, but demanded to be served. Due to his disruptive behavior, the bar manager asked him to leave. The defendant started threatening the manager and was eventually removed. However, while being kicked out the defendant lost his shoe.  It was returned, leading to a physical altercation.  Strouss then pulled out a gun and fired multiple shots into the bar. Two people were injured, including the manager and a man who had helped retrieve the shoe. Strouss fled the scene, but a witness saw him enter a nearby apartment building at 1536 LaSalle Ave.

The 19 Bar shooting mobilized the Loring Park neighborhood and an anonymous tip identified Strouss as the shooter and included his Facebook page, which had pictures of the dog from the bar. His driver’s licenses listed his home address as 1536 LaSalle Ave. 

In an unrelated incident, on Jan. 1, Strouss and his girlfriend attempted to buy marijuana at a Holiday Gas Station in St Louis Park. They approached a man inside the gas station and followed him to his car. While he was showing them the marijuana, Strouss grabbed the bag and tried to steal the drugs, leading to a fight. At one point, Strouss went to his car, then returned and stabbed the other man twice with a knife. An employee intervened, tackling Strouss.  The victim went inside to call 911 and Strouss fled in his vehicle.  The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, but was able to provide police with the license plate number and identified Strouss’ photo. 

Strouss is expected to receive two sentences of 36 months to be served consecutively on the assaults from the 19 Bar, as well as another 45 months served concurrently in the stabbing case.  This would total 72 months in prison.

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