First-degree murder indictment against Pierre Collins


A Hennepin County Grand Jury indicted Pierre Barlee Collins for first-degree murder in the death of his son, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday.

The grand jury also indicted Collins, 33, for second-degree murder in the death of Barway Collins, who was 10 when he disappeared in March. The grand jury handed down the indictment Thursday. If convicted of the first-degree murder, Collins would be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Specifically, the indictment on the first-degree murder count reads, “That on or about March 18, 2015, …Pierre Barlee Collins, caused the death of a juvenile male, Barway Edwin Collins, a human being with premeditation and with intent to effect the death of that person or another.”

The second-degree murder count is similar, saying it was committed “with intent to effect the death of that person or another, but without premeditation.”

Collins has been in jail since his arrest on a second-degree murder charge filed by the county attorney’s office in April. The arrest came shortly after Barway Collins’ body was discovered in the Mississippi River on April 11.

Through the use of surveillance video and cell phone evidence, police were able to track Pierre Collins’ movements during the day of March 18, the day Barway disappeared. It showed Pierre Collins driving that morning to the area of 53rd and Lyndale Avenues North and then driving back to that location later in the day after Barway had been dropped off at his Crystal apartment complex after school.

Barway Collins’ body was found in that area with his feet bound by duct tape and more duct tape was around his torso.

Pierre Collins waived a court appearance on the indictment Friday. His next hearing is July 7.