Morse pleads guilty in April double homicide


Brian Deshawn Morse, pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree, intentional murder in the April shooting of two men sitting in their car, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Morse, 22, of Chicago, entered the plea Tuesday, just four business days after a Hennepin County Grand Jury indicted him on first-degree murder charges. If he was convicted on those charges, he would have automatically received life in prison without parole. Now, Morse will be sentenced on July 13 and is expected to receive 55 years in prison.

(Update: Morse was sentenced to 55 years in prison Monday July 13. Family members read victim impact statements in the courtroom before the sentence was pronounced

"This was swift justice for a vicious crime,” Freeman said. “For no obvious reason, Mr. Morse decided to shoot two men who were old enough to be his father and who posed no threat to him. Accordingly, it is appropriate that he, too, will be an old man before he is eligible to be released.”

According to the criminal complaint, Morse shot Odell Frazier, 47, and Eddie Pelmore, 56, both of Minneapolis, as they sat in Frazier’s car near 4530 Penn Avenue North on April 8. Pelmore was intending to sell marijuana to Morse. Morse shot both men multiple times and was then chased on foot by a Minneapolis police officer. The officer saw Morse toss a handgun over a fence during the chase. The gun was later recovered and testing confirmed it was the murder weapon.

During his guilty plea Tuesday, Morse admitted to shooting each man twice. However, he gave no real reason for the killing.

No charges have been filed against another man who was with Morse at the time of the shooting, but the investigation continues.

Criminal Complaint (PDF)