Timberlake sentenced to 14 years for Minnneapols, Edina robberies

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Antonio Timberlake was sentenced to more than 14 years in prison for four aggravated robberies in southwestern Minneapolis and Edina, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Wednesday.

In February, Timberlake, 17, who lived near where the robberies took place, had pleaded guilty in adult court to 11 counts of robbery and assault. Hennepin County District Court Judge William Koch presided over a sentencing hearing on Monday, which included victim impact statements, but delayed making his ruling until Wednesday morning. His sentence of 174 months was consistent with the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines.

“We think it is a good outcome to get 14-and-a-half years for a 17 year old,” Freeman said. “His crimes not only inflicted serious injuries on two of the victims but terrorized four other victims and alarmed several neighborhoods. Mr. Timberlake needs to be off the streets for the public’s safety.”

The four robberies were similar to one committed just after midnight on March 17. An Edina man got off the Metro Transit bus at Xerxes Avenue and 56th Street and began walking west on 56th. Timberlake, who was then 16, and a 13-year-old boy got off the bus at the same stop and eventually caught up to the victim and beat him. They took his satchel and a cell phone. He was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries, including a blow to the head and a stab wound to the neck which hit an artery. In a similar robbery on March 28, the victim was stabbed in the chest, puncturing his right lung.
The only incident that was different, and which led to Timberlake’s arrest, was a robbery of three juveniles in the Southdale Mall parking lot on March 30. Timberlake and the 13-year-old were joined by Navarr Ross, 18, of Minneapolis. The three stole a cell phone and a backpack. They fled into a nearby neighborhood where police arrested them.

One of the victims said in court Monday that he suffered broken glasses and required stitches to the head. Still, he considered himself fortunate that Timberlake’s first punch to the back of his head did not knock him unconscious and he was eventually able to get away.

“Jail time will hopefully instill empathy into this mean person,” he said.

Ross was convicted on two counts of aggravated robbery and in December was sentenced to 68 months in prison. No information is available on the 13-year-old accomplice because juvenile court records are not public.