Bowker sentenced to 25 years for murder of man at light-rail platform


Anthony Bowker was sentenced to 300 months in prison for stabbing a St. Paul man to death at the Lake and Hiawatha light-rail station on December 6, 2014, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday.

Bowker, 26, pleaded guilty on October 13 to the second-degree murder of 58-year-old Gerald Davis.

At the sentencing, Judith Hawley, Hennepin County Attorney, read an impact statement from Davis’ girlfriend Sandy: “I lost my other half. To know I will never see him [Gerald] is the worst thing. He was always there for me, for 41 years.”

Bowker attacked Davis on the upper level platform of the light rail station as Davis was waiting for a train. Bowker claimed that he had been told that Davis threatened one of his family members earlier on Lake Street, though Bowker was not present for that exchange. After hearing this, Bowker went looking for Davis inside the station. Bowker located Davis, chased him, and killed Davis by stabbing him in the neck. Davis attempted to leave the station, but collapsed near the door. Bowker kicked Davis in the head before leaving the light rail station with his companions.

During the sentencing hearing, Judge Nicole Engisch asked Bowker if he had anything to say. It appeared as if he did, but after several minutes of silence, he declined to speak.