Plymouth man guilty of drugging friend’s daughter, sexually assaulting her


A Plymouth man pleaded guilty to drugging one of his daughter’s friends and then sexually assaulting her, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Thursday.

Michael Bruce Cameron, 53, pleaded guilty to one count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct Thursday morning just as his trial was to begin. He will be sentenced Jan. 8 and under the agreement, he will be on probation for 10 years, with a 24-month prison term if he violates the probation. He also will serve four months in the Hennepin County workhouse.

“That a man would drug the daughter of a close family friend in order to engage in sexual assault is hard to comprehend,” Freeman said. “This man will be in the criminal justice system for a long time, and rightfully so, since he clearly is a menace.”

According to the criminal complaint, a 20-year-old friend of Cameron’s daughter was invited to sleep over the night of Feb. 13. The two young women were going to watch a movie and Cameron brought them graham crackers with frosting on the top. After eating them, the girls talked about how dizzy they felt and soon fell asleep, according to the complaint. A number of days later, the young woman told her mother that she thought Cameron had taken her to his bedroom and performed a number of sexual acts, but it was all fuzzy.

In court Thursday, Cameron admitted that he ground up sleeping pills into the frosting that he spread on the crackers and served to the victim. He also admitted that once she was physically incapacitated by the drug, he touched her breasts, buttocks and vagina and had her touch his penis.

A count of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct from an identical incident with the same victim by Cameron back in the spring of 2014 will be dropped at his sentencing. The victim did not report that incident to police until 11 months later, when she reported the February assault.

Criminal Complaint (PDF)