Firefighters catch thief after fall at McDonald’s


Minneapolis firefighters’ response time to a man injured from a jump was an amazingly quick 30 seconds. Of course, the man made the jump in the first place because firefighters had been following him after they saw him rob a woman in Dinkytown.

Gregory Rashad Dendy, 21, of Minneapolis, was charged with aggravated robbery in the first degree of a woman in the vicinity of 14th and University Avenues SE in the early morning of Oct. 24. Dendy’s next court appearance is Nov. 24.

According to the criminal complaint, the firefighters were returning from a call just after 2:30 a.m. when they saw what appeared to be a man robbing a woman. As the robber ran off, the firefighters drove after him, even heading the wrong way on Fourth Street SE, before stopping near the intersection of 15th Avenue SE.

That is the location of the two-story McDonald’s restaurant and as police arrived, they saw a man jumping from the street level into the lower level of the McDonald’s courtyard, the complaint states, apparently to elude the firefighters.

Dendy, however, landed badly and one of the firefighters went to him, along with a police officer, and administered first aid. As they were looking for Dendy’s identification, firefights found a cell phone.
While waiting for an ambulance to arrive, a woman walked up and identified Dendy as the man who had assaulted her and stolen her phone, the one the firefighter was holding. She stated that Dendy had approached her, demanded her phone and punched and scratched her, according to the complaint. Dendy was treated and released into police custody.