Burnsville man charged with second-degree murder in Fourth of July holiday shooting


A Burnsville man, Dejon Frazier, has been charged with second-degree murder in the downtown shooting of a man over the Fourth of July holiday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Wednesday.

Frazier, 18, also was charged with attempted second-degree murder in the wounding of another man who was just coming out of a bar when he was wounded in the thigh.

The shooting occurred just after 2 a.m. on July 5 by the bus shelter near Hennepin Avenue and Fourth Street.  Video footage shows the victim, Sabrae M. Mcalester, 16, of St. Louis Park, in a small group that was arguing with another group that included Frazier. A witness said the shooter was a man in a camouflaged hooded sweatshirt and within minutes, Frazier was arrested wearing that sweatshirt.

A subsequent investigation included reviewing numerous surveillance videos and interviews with five witnesses. In addition, a gun was later recovered in the vicinity of Frazier that ballistic tests reveal may be the fire arm used on July 5. Based on all of the evidence, Frazier was arrested and charged.

Frazier is expected to make his first court appearance today and prosecutors are asking for bail of $1 million. 

Criminal Complaint (PDF)