Knife-wielding woman, shot by cop, pleads guilty to assault


Tania Harris pleaded guilty, just as jury selection was to begin, to a second-degree assault that ended when a police officer wounded her, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Harris, 18, of Robbinsdale, pleaded guilty to the assault. She will be placed on probation with 21 months in prison to serve if she violates the conditions of her probation. Those conditions, and whether she has to serve any time in the Hennepin County workhouse will be determined by Hennepin County District Court Judge Elizabeth Cutter at her sentencing, following a pre-sentence investigation and a psychiatric evaluation. The date of her sentencing has not been set.

In making her guilty plea Monday, Harris admitted to the key facts in the criminal complaint. Just before 6 p.m. on April 16, a young woman who had been arguing with Harris for at least a day came to the apartment house where Harris lived. Harris’ mother and the young woman were talking at the front door of the building and police had been called. Suddenly, Harris burst through the door and started chasing the young woman across the yard. Harris had a large kitchen knife in her right hand and screamed that she was going to kill the woman. When Harris refused to either stop or drop the knife, a Robbinsdale police officer shot and wounded Harris.