15th Annual Community Leadership Awards honor citizens who make a difference

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Former Hennepin County Attorney Tom Johnson, in giving the keynote speech to the Community Leadership Awards, said that few people actually think about leading. “I cannot remember one day when I got out of bed and said, ‘I’ve got to do an act of leadership,’ ‘’ Johnson said Friday at the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office awards ceremony. “We all have the capacity to lead.”

Johnson was introduced by Sen. Amy Klobuchar. She noted that he not only has been a terrific neighbor for more than 20 years, but acted as a mentor to her when she was elected county attorney in 1998.

Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering and investigators in her office were received an award for their outstanding investigation into the disappearance of young Barway Collins, which ultimately resulted in the conviction of his father for the boy’s murder.

Suzanne Tema, a social worker at Roosevelt High School was given an award for her work with students, particularly those who come from a disadvantaged background.

Ellen Krug was honored for her work at Call for Justice and in anti-bias activities through the Hennepin County Bar Association and by telling her story as a transgender woman.

Thalia Williams, only 11 years old, received the outstanding citizen award for testifying against the man who stabbed her father and then just weeks later, reported a soda pop bomb that police had to detonate.

Judy Johnston, a just-retired managing senior attorney in the county attorney’s office, was honored for her outstanding career and leadership in prosecuting crimes against children.

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