Murder charges in Eden Prairie, Dinkytown stabbings


Charges were filed against two separate men in unrelated murder cases, one in Eden Prairie and the other in Minneapolis’ Dinkytown, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced Friday.

Nathan Foth, 23, of Le Seuer, was charged with one count of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of an Eden Prairie man in July. Brandon Bockoven, 23, of Maple Grove, was charged with second-degree murder in the Thursday night stabbing in Dinkytown.

In the Eden Prairie case, police were asked to check the welfare of 74-year-old Allen Retzer on the afternoon of July 22. They found him covered in blood and on his bed. The telephone that had been on his nightstand had been ripped from its cord and was missing, according to the criminal complaint. He died from two stab wounds to the neck.

Retzer relatives said they thought his grandson and Foth, the grandson’s friend, could have been involved. However, Eden Prairie police were quickly able to determine that the grandson was not near the house in the days when the killing might have occurred, the complaint states.

However, after Retzer was killed, someone took the license plates from one of his vans and put them on Retzer’s 2005 Chrysler Town& Country van, which was missing. At about 10 p.m. July 22, the Utah State Patrol found the van abandoned near the town of Draper and had it towed, the complaint states.

A search warrant of the van found a cigarette butt with Foth’s DNA and his fingerprints on two water bottles. They also found Foth’s fingerprints on a soft-sided rifle case in the van. The case appears to have once held a .270-cal. rifle with a scope that was missing from Retzer’s closet, according to the complaint.

A search earlier this month of Foth’s parents home in Le Seuer discovered a text message on his mother’s phone from a woman in Utah on July 24, saying they had picked up her son along a highway and he was fine. She included a photo of him wearing a T-shirt with a pocket and the T-shirt was too large for Foth’s frame. In Retzer’s house were six identical T-shirts as the one Foth was wearing and they were extra-large, the complaint states.

Eden Prairie police arrested Foth Tuesday when he returned from Oregon on a bus.

In the Dinkytown case, police responded to a stabbing Thursday night and found the victim in the front passenger seat of a car at 13th and University Avenues S.E. bleeding from stab wounds. He died later at the hospital, according to the criminal complaint.

Bockeven, who was driving the car, admitted to police that he had stabbed the victim, identified as S.M., and handed a blue folding knife to the Minneapolis police officer. Two other passengers in the car told police that the men were arguing over money the victim owed to Bockoven for some auto parts before the stabbing occurred, the complaint states.

Foth Criminal Complaint (PDF

Bockoven Criminal Complaint (PDF)