Minneapolis man charged with shooting at crowd, injuring 13-year-old


Marquise Hammonds-Ford was charged with four counts of second-degree assault for shooting at several people and injuring a 13-year-old girl, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Friday.

Hammonds-Ford, 20, of Minneapolis, was arrested Thursday in connection with an earlier assault. He’s expected to make his first appearance Monday in this case.

Just after 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 9, police responded to a call of gunshots near 4100 Dupont Ave. N. When they arrived, police learned that about seven people had been standing in front of the house at 4100 Dupont when a dark Ford Explorer pulled up at the nearby stop sign and did not move. About 30 seconds later, the driver jumped out of the car and began firing at the group, striking the girl in her left bicep, according to the criminal complaint.

Police searched the area and discovered a number of discharged cartridge casings near the intersection, but also in the yard in front of the house, indicating that two people were firing at each other. Police entered the house at 4100 and found two men hiding in a bedroom, the complaint states. One of them told police he had just been shot at by a rival gang member and he returned fire to protect his family. He pointed to the gun he used and police confiscated it. He was charged with weapons violations.

The shooter by the house and other witnesses identified the shooter who got out of the Ford Explorer either by his street name, “Tank,” or from photo lineups, according to the complaint.

At approximately 6:52 p.m. Thursday, officers conducted a routine traffic stop near 26th & Lyndale Avenues North.  They recognized Hammonds-Ford from a daily briefing. When they attempted to confirm his identity, Hammonds-Ford provided a false name and date of birth, for which he was charged with a misdemeanor. Police arrested him, the complaint states.

Hammonds-Ford Criminal Complaint (PDF)