Fleeing murder suspect charged with shooting at cop


A Minneapolis man who led police on a car chase, then fired at an officer while fleeing on foot, was charged with first-degree assault-use of deadly force against a police officer, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday.
Derrick Zechariah Smith, 28, is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday. Prosecutors are seeking $1 million bail. Smith, a man and a woman in the car were fleeing Prior Lake early Wednesday morning after police there were called to a shooting, which turned into a homicide.

“We are just one of three jurisdictions that want Mr. Smith to face justice,” Freeman said. “He is a violent man who we already charged last week with a shooting and now he faces charges for shooting at a police officer. Milwaukee wants him for a murder there and he is a key suspect in the Prior Lake killing.”

According to the criminal complaint, an Eden Prairie police officer joined in pursuit of the car suspected in the Prior Lake shooting about 2:30 a.m. Nov. 23. The officer was able to use his squad car to bring the fleeing car to a stop on the northbound U.S. 169 exit ramp to Bren Road in Edina. At that point, Smith ran from the car, jumped a fence and headed towards a strip mall parking lot with the Eden Prairie officer in pursuit.

In the lot, Smith turned toward the officer, said he was going to shoot and then fired at him. The officer returned fire, dropping Smith. As the officer slowly approached, Smith raised his head and pointed the gun at the officer. The officer fired again, then retreated until other officers arrived and arrested Smith, the complaint states.

Criminal complaint (PDF)