Attempted murder charge in daycare hanging


The owner of an in-home daycare center was charged with attempted murder for hanging a child in her care from the basement ceiling of her home, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Nataliia Karia, 42, of Minneapolis also was charged with third-degree assault on the 16-month-old boy and two counts of criminal vehicular operation for hitting a pedestrian and a bicyclist as she fled in her minivan. Prosecutors are seeking bail of $2 million.

According to the criminal complaint, around 9:30 a.m. Friday, a father was dropping off his three-year-old son at the daycare when Karia told him she couldn’t take it anymore and come see what she had done. He walked towards the stairwell, heard crying from the basement, went down the stairs and saw the toddler hanging from a noose. He released the child and fled out the door with him. He called his wife, who contacted police and then came to Karia’s house to take care of the other children until police arrived.

In the meantime, Karia fled in her minivan. She rear-ended a car on West 28th Street at Grand Avenue, shoving that car into the car ahead. When the driver of the first car got out to check for damage, Karia pulled into traffic and struck him, dragging him for 10 blocks. At West 28th Street and Park Avenue, she struck a bicyclist, the complaint states.

The pedestrian suffered a broken ankle, broken ribs and multiple abrasions. The bicyclist suffered a severely broken leg requiring the insertion of a rod, according to the complaint. The baby had severe ligature marks on his neck and face.

Karia Criminal Complaint (PDF)