Gunman pleads guilty in downtown shooting spree, admits 17 shots

Monday, April 11, 2016

Detroit Davis-Riley walked into a Hennepin County courtroom after business hours Friday evening and pleaded guilty to three counts of second-degree assault in a wild shootout in downtown Minneapolis last September.

Davis-Riley, 26, agreed to have the sentence for each of the counts run consecutively so that when he is sentenced April 15, he is expected to receive a total of nine years in prison, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said. Davis-Riley’s trial was set to begin today.

According to the original criminal complaint, Davis-Riley and Maurice Carter were near Fifth Street and Hennepin Avenue about 2:30 a.m. Sept. 12, as were a large number of Minneapolis Police Officers and about 50 people leaving the clubs. The officers saw Carter fire several shots toward the intersection, then walk away. Other officers saw Davis-Riley with a handgun and they chased him into an alley and arrested him.

During a discussion with the lawyers and the judge during his plea Friday, Davis-Riley asked if he could lean against the jury box, because, as his lawyer explained, he has been shot three times in the spinal cord. A chair was brought and he answered the rest of the questions sitting down.

Davis-Riley admitted that of the six people shot that night, two were shot by him. In addition, a pedicab driver was not hit but was in fear that he would be struck by a bullet, Davis-Riley said.

Under questioning from Hennepin County District Court Judge William Koch, Davis-Riley admitted he shot 17 times.

Carter’s trial is scheduled for June 13. A third man, Demarco Gunn, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault last month.