Man with hand grenade, gun, pleads guilty


Abdullah Alrifahe pleaded guilty Aug. 4 to carrying a pistol without a permit, a felony because this is the second conviction of him on that charge.

It was a straight plea, meaning he pleaded guilty to the crime for which he was charged.  He will be sentenced on Sept. 12 and he is expected to receive the sentence recommended by the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines. Since this is his first felony, the guidelines call for a sentence of a year and a day, but it should be stayed, meaning he will likely receive two or three years on probation. He has been in jail for three months and will likely be sentenced to his time served, which will be in excess of 90 days.
When he and his brother were arrested, there was concern that they might have been planning an attack because of a hand grenade, laptop computers, two rifles and BBs found in their car. However, the hand grenade turned out to be inert, so it was no longer a weapon.
The federal government was immediately made aware of the case and they have not indicated to us that they are filing federal charges. That means the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office is the only jurisdiction to charge Mr. Alrifahe and obtain a guilty plea for the incident. There was no evidence to support a felony charge against his brother.