Man shot by Minneapolis police charged in earlier assault


Marcus Fischer was charged with assault and other crimes for which he was under investigation when he stabbed himself and was shot by police in the interrogation room, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Wednesday.

Fischer, 18, of Minneapolis, was charged with first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and possession of a handgun by a prohibited person. Because he remains hospitalized, no date was set for his first court appearance.

According to the criminal complaint, in the early evening of Dec. 13, a man was trying to sell a Kel-Tech 9 mm handgun and one of his friends called Fischer to ask if he was interested in buying it. Fischer agreed to meet them at 1417 Fifth Street Northeast and when they arrived, they all pulled into a nearby alley.

While he was examining the Kel-Tech handgun in his hand, Fischer pulled out another handgun, pointed it at the seller and said the Kel-Tech was now his, the complaint states. Fischer fired one shot into the seller’s chest and fled the scene with both guns.

The seller’s friends drove their wounded friend to a gas station in Anoka County where they called 911. An ambulance took the seller to the hospital where he remains. His friends first concocted a story about a shooting that resulted from a road rage incident, before finally telling police what really happened, according to the complaint.

After he was arrested, police searched Fischer’s home and recovered both the Kel-Tech handgun and bullets that were similar to those shot by the other handgun used in the robbery, the complaint states.

Criminal Complaint