Adult Diversion Provider Selected


The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced that it has selected Diversion Solutions, Inc. of Red Wing as its new provider of adult diversion services.

The Diversion Solutions will take over on July 1. The company has 17 years of experience operating diversion programs and working with communities in and around Hennepin County. The company’s bid also was $400,000 less than the current provider of those services, resulting in a savings for Hennepin County taxpayers.

In November, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office posted a request for proposals for adult diversion providers.  It had been five years since the bids were requested from interested companies and the new request sought proposals that would provide greater cost effectiveness, minimize failures, streamline drug testing and treatment, and emphasize payment of restitution.

After issuing the request for proposals, the county attorney’s office offered a question and answer session for interested vendors. In December, after receiving three detailed proposals to the request, the office assembled a cross-section of staff to review the proposals and make recommendations to the county attorney’s leadership team.