Gavel is passed -- County Attorney Freeman becomes new president of National District Attorney’s Association


At a luncheon today at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Minneapolis, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman became the new president of the National District Attorney’s Association (NDAA), succeeding Mike Ramos, District Attorney from San Bernadino County in California.

Passing of the gavel was part of the NDAA’s Summer Summit, a three-day conference focused on reducing violence against women and their exploitation.

“Our work is noble. Our cause is just,” said Freeman in his acceptance speech, referring to prosecutors. “It is a noble profession. We have the ability to do the right thing every day and God willing, we will do that."

More than 250 people are in town for the convention, which kicked off yesterday with welcoming remarks from Ramos and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton.

The National District Attorneys Association was formed in 1950 by local prosecutors to advance their causes and issues at the national level. Representatives of the association meet regularly with the Department of Justice, members of Congress and other national associations to represent the views of prosecutors in the crafting of federal and national policies and programs that affect law enforcement and county prosecutors.