Bail bonds operator pleads guilty to forgery in phony bond


The director of operations at a bail bond company pleaded guilty to aggravated forgery for signing another person’s name on a bail bond, allowing a defendant in a murder case to be released from jail, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Friday.

Anthony Hanson, 45, of Champlin, pleaded guilty to one of two counts of aggravated forgery on Tuesday. His sentencing is scheduled for July 24.

Under the terms of the negotiated agreement, the other count of aggravated forgery will be dismissed. He will receive a stay of imposition and be placed on probation for three years. The judge will determine how much time he will serve in the county workhouse but it will be no more than four months.
According to the criminal complaint, Hanson was the director of operations at Ability Bail Bonds in Minneapolis. In May 2016, Beverly Burrell contacted the company seeking to post a bond after she was charged with third-degree murder in a heroin overdose case. Her associates paid the company $18,500 to post the $300,000 bond.

However, the company only had bonding authority up to $100,000, so Hanson used glue, tweezers and a scissors to cut a 5 from a $5,000 bond and glue it over the 1 in the $100,000 bond. He then forged his wife’s signature on the bond. She is the owner of Ability Bail Bonds, the complaint states.

The forged bond resulted in Burrell being released from jail May 30, 2016. She was arrested four days later. There is no indication she was aware of Hanson’s activities, according to the complaint. The case was investigated by the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which also suspended Ability Bail Bonds’ insurance license in June 2016.

Last month, Burrell was found guilty of third-degree murder in the first of four cases pending against her in heroin overdose deaths.