Two defendants, two shootings, two guilty pleas illustrate random acts of violence


Two guilty pleas in separate cases illustrate the random violence that is threatening too many people and, in one case, the difficulty of proving who pulled the trigger.

Brandon Joseph Manypenny, 23, was sentenced to 72 months in prison Wednesday for an attempted first-degree assault in a 2016 shooting. He also was sentenced to 39 months, concurrently, for attempted robbery.

Last week, Emanuel Patterson, 24, of Fridley, pleaded guilty to felon in possession of a firearm in a road rage incident in May. He is expected to receive five years in prison at his Dec. 29 sentencing.

“The gun violence on our streets is indiscriminate in targeting innocent people and those living a criminal lifestyle,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said. “Until people from across the political spectrum can come together with solutions for stemming this flood of guns on our streets, we will continue to vigorously prosecute these cases and seek the highest possible sentences possible.”

In the Patterson case, at least three innocent people were shot at and one of them was wounded. According to the criminal complaint, on May 22 a woman in North Minneapolis told police that Patterson was driving a car that ran a stop sign and nearly hit her car. She lowered her window and yelled at him. Patterson shouted back, “Mind your business before something bad happens to you.”

The woman drove away, but a passenger in Patterson’s car shot at her car multiple times. She drove around the block so she could come up from behind and follow Patterson’s car. Eventually, she saw two men get out of the back seat and a woman jump out of the front seat. The victim gave police the car’s make, model and license number, the complaint stated. Another man was standing outside with his two-year-old son and one of the bullets struck him in the lower left leg.

Officers stopped Patterson’s car near Lowry and Penn Avenues North. Patterson was alone and a search found a loaded .22-caliber semi-automatic handgun in the car’s trunk, according to the complaint.

Another witness corroborated the story of the woman who was shot at, as did a passenger in her car. However, no one would tell police who fired the shots. Patterson admitted to police, and in court Nov. 13 when he pleaded guilty, that he had been in a road rage altercation and said the shooter was one of the men in the back seat, but he claimed not to know their names, according to the complaint.

Patterson was convicted of armed robbery in 2011 which made it illegal for him to possess the handgun.

In Manypenny’s case, police found a man lying in the street in the 3000 block of Fifth Avenue South in Minneapolis about 6:15 p.m. on Sept. 16, 2016.  The victim, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds, was taken to the hospital and he told police that Manypenny, whom the victim had known for years, shot him.

The victim was with Manypenny and several others when the victim got into an argument with another man. Manypenny walked up to the victim and shot him several times, the complaint states.

Several witnesses told police they heard loud arguing and saw three suspects surround the victim. All of the suspects ran from the scene and climbed into a large conversion van. Witnesses were able to give the police a description of the shooter and a cell phone video with the van’s license number. That license plate was traced to Robert Riddley, 30, of St. Paul.

Manypenny admitted that he was present during the incident, but claimed he was “drunk and blacked out,” according to the complaint. Manypenny also said they confronted the victim over a drug dispute.  

Riddley pleaded guilty of aiding an offender after the fact and will be sentenced Dec. 11.

Manypenny Criminal Complaint (PDF)

Patterson Criminal Complaint (PDF)