New Hope man charged with threatening officer on Facebook


A New Hope man was charged with threatening a police officer, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Thursday.

Trevor Deontre Schlotfeldt-Gidney, 22, is expected to make his first court appearance this afternoon on a count of terroristic threats – reckless disregard risk for threatening a police officer on Facebook.

According to the criminal complaint, a Minneapolis police officer was working off-duty at a downtown night club on Oct. 8 and denied several known YNT (Young ‘n Thuggin) gang members entrance to the club due to security reasons as there had been several gang shooting recently in the area.

The police department became aware of this interaction because there was a series of postings and video shared online. The first comments referred to the police officer as “12” and said he “won’t let Gang in the Club.” A post from Schlotfeldt-Gidney calls out the officer by name, threatens him, and includes images of a middle finger, police officer, explosion and handgun.

The officer was interviewed and confirmed he had seen the posts and that, based on his knowledge of the YNT gang, this was a direct threat to his safety and should be taken very seriously. He stated that Schlotfeldt-Gidney saying that “Mfs need to whack his b**** ass” means the defendant or the gang should kill the officer.

Schlotfeldt-Gidney has had a number of contacts with the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD), including being a suspect in a shooting.

MPD has confirmed that Schlotfeldt-Gidney is an associate of the YNT gang by in person contact as well as his online presence including numerous photos of him with other known gang members and gangs signs. Members of this gang have been engaged in a pattern of criminal activity, including murders, shooting, violent robberies and other crimes

Criminal Complaint (PDF)