Maple Grove man sentenced to 206 months in prison for shooting girlfriend in the face


A Maple Grove man was sentenced to 17 years in prison for shooting his girlfriend in the face, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Monday.

Mitchell John Antil, 53, pleaded guilty to one count of assault in the first degree for shooting his girlfriend twice and causing permanent injuries. On Friday, Hennepin Court District Judge Gina Brandt sentenced Antil to 206 months in prison, which was an upward sentencing departure due to the particular cruelty of the crime.

“In just the past week or so, we’ve heard about a man who killed his girlfriend by setting her on fire, and a husband shooting his wife because she wanted a divorce,” said Freeman, “In this case, Mr. Antil intentionally shot his girlfriend in the face because he wanted to kill her. But she survived and bravely testified against him in court. He will be behind bars for at least 14 years and not able to hurt anyone else.” Freeman went on to say, “These cases are a painful reminder of the work we must do as a society to  put an end to domestic violence. Especially in October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We must do whatever we can to raise awareness of this issue.”

According to the criminal complaint, on Oct. 16, 2016, neighbors called 911 and reported hearing three to four gunshots from a house in the 9100 block of Comstock Lane. One of the neighbors saw a woman emerge from the house and cross the lawn. The victim, who was bleeding from the head, said “Mitch shot me.” Then she slumped to the ground. Due to the nature of the call, the police dragged her to a safe spot.

The report states that there was another 911 call, this time from inside the house. The caller identified himself as Mitch and claimed to have shot the victim in the heart and the head. Police formed a perimeter around the house and saw Antil standing in the patio window holding a shot gun. He agreed to come out unarmed and following police commands, he was apprehended. When investigators interviewed him, he said he knew what he was doing and wanted to kill his girlfriend.

In court, the victim said she has undergone eight surgeries so far and has suffered great mental and physical distress. Judge Brandt told Mr. Antil that his was not an impulsive act. There was a high probability that the victim could have died.  Judge Brandt said, “You offered to take care of the victim and not pay restitution, but you don’t get to decide. This is time for her to heal and have peace of mind that you are not a safety risk. She deserves justice.”