Two women, four men charged in Bloomington home invasion murder


Two women and four men were charged in the home invasion and shooting death of a Bloomington man, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.

Megan Cater, 19, and Noah Peterson, 20, both of Lakeville, Briana Martinson, 20, of Prior Lake, Tarrance Murphy, 20, Maurice Verser, 33, and Alec Streit, 20, all of Minneapolis were all charged with two counts of second-degree murder, a count of first-degree burglary and a count of second-degree assault. They are charged in the death of 19-year-old Corey Elder.

According to the criminal complaint, the other victim, a woman who lived in the apartment with Elder, heard a knock at the door about 10:35 p.m. Thursday. When Elder opened the door, Cater and Martinson burst in screaming that Elder and the woman were liars. The other victim recognized the two women because they regularly bought drugs from Elder. Murphy and Verser charged in behind Cater and Martinson.

Murphy and Verser pistol whipped Elder while Cater and Martinson yelled at the other victim in her bedroom while they ransacked the apartment looking for drugs. The two women grabbed cocaine, Xanax and gabapentin from the bedroom. At one point, either Murphy or Verser pointed a gun at the head of the other victim and told her to remain still, the complaint states.

Elder continued to fight back, but Verser eventually threw him on the bed next to the other victim and fired one shot that nicked his jugular vein, shattered his spine and fractured his skull, according to the complaint. The four suspects fled to the parking lot where Streit and Peterson were waiting in two cars.

Cater and Martinson planned the home invasion because they wanted to steal Elder’s drugs. They recruited Streit and Peterson, who then recruited the other two men. All six met in the parking lot of the apartment complex and made final preparations in Streit’s car, the complaint states.

Cater Complaint (PDF)

Martinson Complaint (PDF)

Murphy Complaint (PDF)

Peterson Complaint (PDF)

Streit Complaint (PDF)

Verser Complaint (PDF)