Video evidence from Officer Hamilton case


Several news organizations have requested the body camera and dash camera videos introduced into evidence during the recent trial of Minneapolis Police Officer Efrem Hamilton immediately after a jury acquitted him of all charges resulting from his shooting into a car of civilians.

Hennepin County District Court officials informed the media that after acquittals, all of the evidence is returned to the defense attorneys and the prosecuting attorneys. The news organizations then requested the videos from the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

In keeping with Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman’s policy of sharing as much information as possible with the public, we are posting the videos which were introduced as evidence in the trial.

One thing viewers should note: Body cameras show the first 30 seconds without audio. So, there will be some portions where there is video but no sound.

Hamilton squad video 01:50

Hamilton squad video 35:48

Scene video

Body camera video - Hamilton

Body camera video - Brown

Body camera video - Fandel

Body camera video - Wright

Cell phone video - witness

AXON Body 2 Video 2016 11 19 0216 Off Weess

Initial shooting and response 0214 Off Beman

Pyramid shooting 0214 Off Crayton

Shooting 0215 Off Muridi

Shoot 0214 Off Doll