Joshua Dow sentenced to 240 months in prison for murdering Adelle Jensen in 2015


Joshua Dow was sentenced to 240-months in prison as part of a plea agreement for the murder of Adelle Jensen in Nov. 2015, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Wednesday.

Dow, 35, pleaded guilty Nov. 8, 2019 to second-degree murder in the death of his child’s mother and girlfriend, whose body was never recovered. On Feb. 19, 2016, Dow pleaded guilty to first-degree sale of drugs and the gross misdemeanor charge of interference with a dead body. His sentences on both ran concurrently and the drug sentence was for 75 months. Dow was due to be released in February 2020.

Over the past four years, new evidence has helped make it clear as to what happened to Adelle Jensen. On Nov. 18, 2015 around 5 a.m., Jensen was shot by Joshua Dow in his home in north Minneapolis. Dow took Jensen’s body to a warehouse where he concealed her. Dow lied to police and to Jensen’s parents about seeing her alive. During this time, Dow dismembered Ms. Jensen’s body and disposed of the remains across the city.

During the sentencing today, six members of Adelle Jensen’s family addressed the court reading victim impact statements. Her mother spoke first, saying “For the past four years, Joshua Dow has created many victims. [Victim’s minor daughter] has been without her mother, our girls have been without their sister, we have been without our beloved daughter. And many, many family members and friends have been devastated by the horrific murder of Adelle Katherine Jensen. Joshua Dow is solely and heinously responsible for taking away a beautiful young soul from God’s world.”

Her older and younger sisters, brother-in-law, father and aunt also shared their sentiments.