Freeman sworn in for sixth term in office


Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman was sworn in for his sixth term in the office Monday, promising to “seek justice every day in everything we do.”  

With former senior county attorney and now 10th District Court Judge Juanita Freeman administering the oath and his wife Kate holding the bible, Freeman promised to uphold the constitution of the state of Minnesota and the United States of America.

In brief remarks to a capacity crowd in the boardroom of the Hennepin County Commissioners, Freeman said that the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office is the best public law office in the state, one that takes on the most difficult cases.

“I am grateful for how hard the people work in this office and that is what we will do the next four years,” Freeman said.

He then reiterated the issues from the fall campaign he will be working on. He will be at the Minnesota Legislature to trying to restore felons’ right to vote as soon as they finish their time behind bars, instead of when they complete probation. Likewise, he wants lawmakers to finish marijuana reform by removing felony charges for the sale of larger, but still small, amounts of marijuana. Finally, he wants to make it easier for those who have done their time to have the felony expunged from their records.

He welcomed new sheriff, David Hutchinson, and pledged to work with him to improve the criminal justice system. A few minutes later, Hutchinson was sworn in.

Video of Mike Freeman's swearing in and remarks (beginning at 7 minute mark)