Student charged in Jefferson High School stabbing


A Bloomington Jefferson High School student has been charged with second-degree assault for stabbing another student multiple times, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Thursday.

Anika Daisy Quittschreiber, 16, faces felony assault charges after an altercation with another female student escalated and Quittschreiber stabbed the victim six times.

According to the petition, the school resource police officer at the high school responded to a fight that broke out between Quittschreiber and the victim in the school’s main entrance. The police officer could see the victim was stabbed in the stomach and blood was flowing on to the floor.

Quittschreiber was escorted from the scene and police found that she had the knife used to stab the victim.  The victim was taken to the hospital to treat stab wounds to her torso, upper chest, thigh and forearm, the petition continues.

The petition states that video surveillance shows Quittschreiber walking through the main entrance of the school with her right hand concealed in her sweatshirt pocket.  She encountered the victim and they appeared to exchange words.  The victim punched Quittschreiber, who then pulled her right hand out of her sweatshirt pocket holding a knife and began making upward stabbing motions with the knife at the victim. School staff quickly broke up the fight.

Due to the severity of the charges, prosecutors have filed a motion for adult certification. The certification determination will be made by a judge after a process that includes collection of relevant records, psychological evaluation, and a study by a probation officer.

Juvenile Petition (PDF)