County Attorney responds to untested sexual assault kits


Mayor Jacob Frey and officials of the Minneapolis Police Department announced Friday that an audit of the police property rooms determined there are 1,700 untested sexual assault exam kits.

The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office cares about the sexual assault survivors who now are wondering what is happening with their cases and if their kit was one of those that were not tested. Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman has agreed to help the Minneapolis Police Department by funding an additional DNA analyst to expedite the testing of these kits.

In addition, the county attorney’s office understands that victims may have questions about the untested kits and the criminal investigation into their assault. If so, they may contact the following individuals:
• Hennepin County Attorney’s Office’s sexual assault victim advocate Vernona Boswell, 612-348-6592.
• Sexual Violence Center advocate Liliana, 612-871-5100, ext.19 or the crisis line at 612-871-5111.