St. Paul man charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder


A St. Paul man has been charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder for shooting at police officers amidst riots and protests Saturday night, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced Tuesday.


Jaleel Stallings, 27, was also charged with two counts of first-degree assault, one count of second-degree assault, and three other charges for firing multiple shots at SWAT officers during riots on May 30 in Minneapolis. He is scheduled to make his first appearance June 3. Prosecutors are seeking $500,000 in bail. 


According to the criminal complaint, around 10:55 p.m. Saturday near 15th Avenue South and Lake Street, SWAT officers were patrolling the area in an unmarked white van, with two marked squad cars behind, in an effort to control the crowds that were causing severe property damage. 


When SWAT officers drove towards 14th Avenue South, they saw a group of people that had gathered nearby. Several people saw the police and dispersed, while one man, Stallings, stepped out from behind a white pickup truck and walked towards the officers, the complaint says.


Stallings crouched by the driver’s side door as if to pick something up, and officers became concerned that debris or rocks were going to be thrown at them—something that had been happening during the riots. The officers fired a 40-mm marking round at Stallings. In return, Stallings fired three to four shots in the direction of the officers, narrowly missing them, the complaint continues.


Stallings quickly ran away, while officers began searching for him. Officers were able to locate Stallings and after a struggle, handcuffed him. Officers noted an AK-47 style Mini Draco pistol near the right bumper of the truck, the complaint states. None of the officers, nor Stallings, were injured.


Two other people who were with him in the parking lot and who were arrested, have had their cases deferred pending further investigation.


Jaleel Stallings Criminal Complaint (PDF)