Statement from Hennepin County Attorney Michael O. Freeman


We are disappointed that the Minnesota Supreme Court chose to reverse the third-degree murder conviction of Mohamed Noor. The court overruled prior case law supporting the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office charging decision and we disagree with their analysis of the law. However, we respect and acknowledge that the Minnesota Supreme Court is the final arbiter in this matter. Accordingly, we must and do accept this result.

The court’s decision leaves intact the Manslaughter II guilty verdict by the jury against Mohamed Noor. Further, the Supreme Court notes in its opinion that Mohammed Noor has conceded that the evidence at trial was sufficient to support his conviction of second-degree manslaughter.  His conviction was just.  The case has been remanded to the trial court for sentencing and we will seek the maximum sentence possible.

I also want to take a moment to thank the Ruszczyk family and Mr. Don Damond who have been patient with our office throughout these court proceedings. They have endured an unimaginable loss, and have had to do so rather publicly. At this time, I kindly ask and strongly encourage that the media respect the privacy of the Ruszczyk family and Mr. Damond.