Mission statement

We serve justice and public safety through our commitment to ethical prosecution and crime prevention, as well as through innovative and reasoned client representation.

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Justice. We are committed to fairness and justice everyday in everything we do.

Diversity. We value the uniqueness of each individual in our organization and recognize that diversity is essential to our success. Understanding and respecting differences is key to building trusting relationships in our organization and throughout the community.

Excellence. We strive for excellence in the quality of our work and we take pride in the skill, dedication and innovation we bring to every role in the office.

Integrity. We are careful stewards of the public trust. We provide ethical representation and compassion for victims that is driven by our desire to do the right thing.

Professionalism. We are committed to effectively carrying out our responsibilities and duties, and to maintaining the highest professional standards while always putting the public’s interest first.

We are respected because we are just, fair and credible.

We are leaders in our communities and the legal profession.

We are working in collaboration with others to further our mission. Our office is diverse, dedicated, creative, compassionate and respectful.

We are recognized as a superior public law office in the state and the employer of choice for those seeking a career in public law.

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